Who is Cein Bee?

Hola Folks! Welcome to Cein Bee’s Planet. I am the Author and founder of this blog. I am just another person on this planet earth willing to make some difference. I am as simple and common as any of you are. I am kind and mean, sweet and bitter, fast n furious and lazy turtle, my posts will reveal a lot about me but still i’ll continue to remain a mystery. I am the host who will serve you truth, reality, fun stuff, joy, relaxation, facts, advises, love and menu goes on. I am Cein Bee.

I am Business Graduate, Writer, Blogger, Poet, Makeup Artist,  Web designer, Artist, Video Editor, Skin Care Expert, Two Times Video Making Prize Winner, I am explorer and i am still on my way to explore, learn and absorb as much information/knowledge around me as i possibly can, in order to spread my opinions right fully.

I am your blogger, your friend and your mirror, i am here for you and i need nothing but you and your support.

Let the Journey Begin Dearies!

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