Be A Girl! (Girl’ Guide)

Are you one of those girls who are beautiful and attractive but they have disguised everyone with that tomboy look of yours which hides your girlish appearance in those baggy t’s and sweatpants or shorts? Are you tired of your friends or siblings calling you BRO! or other boyish tag names? If YES! then you are at right place!

Here is a list of 10 Do’s and Don’ts to be a girlish girl.

Let’s the transformation begin!


  • Be Girly, Wear Girly: Add colors to your wardrobe, wear trendy, shiny and colorful cardigans over your t’s.
  • Keep trendy, be trendy: Replace those baggy shirts and sweatpants to dresses and fancy dresses.
  • Carry the style: Replace your neutral bag packs to fancy bag packs, clutches or long strap bags.
  • Keep beauty on the way: Be Add some make-up products into your bag, such as; Sun-Screen, Kohl, Eye-liner, lip-balm, and couple of Nude lip colors.
  • Add embellishment to your look: Add on some accessories to your look; put some earrings on, add bracelet to your wrist, wear a pendant. Keep it simple but stunning.
  • Keep your standards high and your heels higher: Replace your sneakers and flats to heels. 


  • Avoid too baggy wears.
  • Don’t overload your self with accessories.
  • Avoid painting your face with make-up. Keep it real.
  • Wear comfy heals, avoid tossing over uncomfortable high heels.

Don’t overload, be your self, carry with style. Comfort is a key. Wear trendy, in-style and comfortable dresses. Walk with Confidence, feel beautiful!

-Cein Bee

(Will come-up with Tomboy vs Girly photo challenge soon)

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