Women of Clay

In this civilized world, when we talk about gender equality, we always consider them as equals. Women themselves consider that they are equal to men. Well, Okay! about the worldly affairs to some extent I may agree, but as an individual consisting of emotions, feelings and all, I may not. Because women are generally the emotional one, Emotions are their strength as well as weakness, depending on how they use it. We live in a world where everyone seeks attention, where we want others to understand us but when it comes to us, we don’t do it, we don’t care about how someone feels.

Women has been considered as a piece of clay, and you think that you can shape them up according to your will. Well even women will deny to this fact, but it’s what happens actually with them. So let me elaborate it here, that when and how does it happen.

When they are at their home parents try to mold them according to their standards of living, their brother set a different set of do’s and don’ts for them, and parents had another one. They crush the internal statue of her again and again, mold her, shape her desires, styles, living standards according to their will, if they like the end results then be ready for the next step, but if they don’t they get to be crushed once again until they reached to the level of satisfaction. Then comes the society but they don’t just try to mold the women but men as well so, somehow there is a balance here, SOMEHOW. Then after they get married they start living for their husband, to please them, for their happiness, there is no bad in that, but what starts next is husband sets a list of do’s and don’ts. How to act, what to do, even how to feel in particular situation, how to react, when to cry, & when to smile.

Then comes the son, and this cycle of crushing and building this clay, this women of clay goes on. Nobody cares that while crushing and building them again and again they lose their inner selves, their own happiness, their wishes, along with that dust all has been blown away. And what remains is a piece of clay.

-Cein Bee

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