Dear Me! (Note to self)

… At this hour of night, here I am, all alone, dealing with my heart and fighting my thoughts. I don’t know, don’t know what i’ve become, it’s just because my happiness and peace are associated to Others. The ones i care about are the ones who might’ve cared or still do but don’t make me realize that they do. Zaisha, a girl so optimist and happy could turn this much dull, no one would’ve thought.
Lol… Well! Why would someone bother to think, after all, it’s all you, it’s your fight.

Everyone have their lives, they may show care, pretend they understand, ask whats wrong? And will surely say some words coated with care that’s not visible in their actions. But dear me, they try nothing, nothing to bring you out of misery. And, Why would they?
Stop! Stop blaming them, It’s not their fault that you’ve been so much emotionally attached to them. It’s surely you not them who is wrong. And you still expect? Why do you expect them to be at your side always?  You must have heard, ‘Even your shadow leaves you in hard times, but you havent understood it really, until today’.
Well not just the hard times, sometimes there are days, days that possess importance for you, the days you want to cherish, celebrate, refresh memories but Alas! Even those days become nothing but just another ordinary day, where it’s all you, spending time, with your brain and heart.
So, My Dear, My advice to you is simple, yet difficult, “Don’t expect, no matter how much you love them, don’t depend, either physically or emotionally, don’t let them make you feel miserable. I won’t tell you to go to their level but make them see yours. Let them know how strong you’re with or without them, make them realize it’s not just your loss but their as well, let them know you’re not just a shiny pebble but a DIAMOND, and you shine even in the dark coal mines, you don’t need sun. You, yourself can create your own shine.

-Cein Bee

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