Truth, A Savior or a Foe.

Have you ever felt that pinch, pinch at your heart when someone said something, something that was the reality but still you don’t want to hear it, you just can’t tolerate the truth. You say things, make faces, even cry sometimes but you know at heart that whatever they have said is somehow close to reality, it is something that you’re doing, something that they’re not sure of but you know where exactly they hit you cause that is the point you’ve been hiding. Well, there is no wrong in hiding things with the ones you love unless it’s not related to them or it’s not something that you’ve been lying about.

If you can do something, something that may hurt someone you love, if you have that guts, that courage then I doubt, that you don’t have the courage to spill out the truth. I know sometimes, somethings are better kept hidden, everything is not meant to be exposed, as we know undesired truth is just a mischief, speak when it is asked otherwise stay quiet. And one more thing to add here, don’t ever say that i have done this for someones sake, as it was necessary in the situation that person was in because if you really wanna save someone’s heart or life by destroying someone else’s that’s my friend is not a win, it’s still a lose, you are not a savior you just chose which one is most prior. You may think what you’ve done is something that is saving someone and causing less pain to other but still if that other is someone you love the most, you chose, you chose to hurt him. Well, by saying this i don’t mean that if you do something wrong be proud of that and shout it out to the world but yeah, try at the first place to avoid it, otherwise you’ll end up with nothing but regret.

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