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A Bitter Dream


My whole life I’ve been thinking about true love, “how does it feel to have someone special around”, a person, who is as loving as I’ve watched in those Hollywood movies, a kind, described in those romantic novels I’ve read, a kind people share stories about on social networking sites. I’ve approximately spent a decade thinking about that one TRUE LOVE of my life. My mind revolved around the thoughts of that someone, trying to explore, describe and dream more accurately about a love of my life.

I’ve been dreaming about candle light dinners, sweet conversations, long drives, watching stars, being as weird as I possibly can and to be understood by him. I’ve imagined love in whole, dreams as reality, living in fantasy & wishing for Perfection. Well! I’ve been imagining someone who never showed up, not yet. And I always ask my self why? whenever I watch movies or read novels or see posts, I am like, are they for real? Does something like this actually exist?

Well! you know what is the fun fact? I’ve been waiting for someone at abandoned station, station called True love, I’ve been searching for water in barren desert, it was like going in the field of bitter gourd to get a mango candy, because no such thing actually exist. There is no such thing called true love, not because I didn’t find it but because this is the fact. Or if it does exist then it’s becoming extinct. So mates! Love in today’s world is nothing but “A Bitter Dream”.

-Cein Bee

Copyright ©2017 Cein Bee. All Rights Reserved.


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