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Women are Pride not Shame!

Few days back, while going through my news feed I got shattered by a devastating post, which says : “A nine month old Syrian baby girl (Dalal) died of fatal bites at the hands of her own father, because he considered her as a shame”. And I just can’t remain silent about the matter.

A father, who is actually responsible for the protection of his family, who is filled with the love of family; especially, of daughter could go this far in his madness, it’s difficult to believe. He bit her to death saying she is a SHAME for his family?

 He didn’t like girls, wasn’t he married to a woman? wasn’t his mother or sisters also women? He would’ve become nothing but a waste if his mother wouldn’t have fertilized him, kept her inside him, took care of him and made him capable to stand on his feet. I mean seriously? Who’re was he fooling? Who was a shame, she or he, himself?

It’s gut-wrenching, women are approximately half of world’s population, they’re at  home, they have men’s back, they support and care for them in home so that they can fly with pride outside the home. Marie Curie, Nancy Johnson, Ann Tsukamoto, Elizabeth Magie, Rosalind Franklin and a list goes on, are all the wonderful women, who made difference to World, who brought pride to their nation, who stood equal to this men dominant society.

Women are beauty, Women are talent, Women are society, Women are intelligence, Women are Pride not shame.

-Cein Bee

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