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Pursued By Bad Luck

In every person’s life there comes a moment, a moment when you feel, hear or see something and nothing happens. Nothing happens because you freeze right there, your mind stops thinking and you just hear a beep in your ears, your breath fluctuates, your eyes stoned but running tears like waterfall, your lips dry as autumn leaves, your throat gets drought. And you feel, feel the darkness spreading around you, everything becomes as dark as it could be, hot air blowing, your head and ears getting on fire and your hands and feet turning as cold as ice.

Your hands shivering, legs imbalanced, you can feel that strange feelings in your hand moving from  your palms to fingers and sweating. And you are looking at everything but see nothing, you are surrounded by not just voices but noise and you hear nothing, you feel nothing but burning inside.

You know when it happens? It happens especially when your heart is filled with motherly care for someone, someone you love the most and you just can’t live without. You want to do so much for them, everything possible, but unable to do, due to distances. And your heart sinks into nothingness but countless worries. And you feel like Bad Luck Pursued You.
-Cein Bee

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