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Fifty Shades Of PINK.

Aloha Mates! It’s about the pink today, so how can I spare girls out of the talk? whether it’s deep tones of magenta or barely tinted pastel pink, girls have been associated with pink colors since forever. Pink, a shade that’s more decided and strong have more than 48 shades. As the shades of pink varries, so are the ideas related to it, whether it’s about the wallpaper, bed covers, dresses, hair colors, accessories or stuff toys, Pink is everywhere around we girls. Here are some ideas and shades to use pink even in more complimentary way in two main things.

Let the pink begin!

1. Paint the wall pink:

If you want to add pink into your wall paints, add pastel or tinted pink as a base and some deep tones of magenta or rosewood as wall decals.

Pink and Stripes: If you want to keep it a bit simple, you can paint three walls with pastel pink and one with stripes of pastel pink and fuscia or punch pink. Or you can add stripes to your headboard’s wall and the wall right in front of you, with tinted carnation or pastel as base and fuscia, rosewood, punch or magenta as a stripes.

Pink and Simple: Pink can be painted on your walls with utter simplicity, you can paint three of your walls with the lightest tones and headboard’s wall with the deepest tones of pink. Or you can go for 50-50, two walls with the bright shades and two with three to four shades deeper pink. Paint some decals in white, mauve, or grey on wall or add some complimentary paintings or wall hangings. As simplicity is the real beauty. 

2. Pinky Wardrobe:

How can I talk about pink and not add dresses in the category. Pink is one of the more versatile color shade out of other dozens of colors in the planet. And when it comes to dresses it adds the spark of glamour, elegance, innocence and shine to your look. Either fancy or simple, either casual or formal, it is a color of grace and beauty for all the expected occasions. Let it be wedding or a meet-up, party or business meeting, hangout with friends or presentation, it’s suitable for all of your situations. As I know, all of you are well aware of how to go with dresses when it comes to pink so i will not elaborate it in categories for dressing but some tips to carry:

  • If you’re in hurry to go somewhere and you’re out of options about colors, wear something grey, black or white, like any kind of neutral shades add wear magenta, shocking pink or hot pink on top of it.
  • Wear crop cardigans or bolero of deep tones of magenta, steel or ultra pink, if you’re wearing some light or pastel shade dresses.
  • You can also wear deep pink blazers on any light pink t’s or any other different color of t’s.
  • You can also add pink color in your silhouettes, pumps or coat shoes you’re wearing depending on occasion. Avoid wearing pink shoes in formal business meet-ups.
  • Add golden or silver accessories to your neck and wrist when wearing pink. It compliments the shade.
  • You can also wear pastel, tinted carnation, rose, flamingo or peach with complimentary black, maroon, grey or ultra blue pants.
  • Wear tones such as super, pantone, mexican, fandango, brink or paradise of pink for presentations or formal business meetings.

Just carry pink with simplicity and elegance and you don’t have to be conscious about the looks. Confidence is the key to carry any shade wonderfully. Whether it’s your wall or the color of your dress, make them look alive, Add some pink.

-Cein Bee


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