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The Hearts We Rip (Bully)

Do you know sometimes we do things, unaware of the consequences that might occur due to them. We even kill, and we don’t actually know that we have done that. You might be thinking how is this possible? It’s totally insane that we kill and we don’t know that. But unfortunately that’s a bitter truth because it happens and we make it happen.

Hey you! OMG! Is that a sack you’re wearing? Don’t you have something better to wear? I would have just screamed, you’re that kind of scary and ugly, You Muslim Terrorist! , I imagine how this poor little chair would be bearing a weight of an elephant? I am pretty sure you’ll become invisible in dark, you black people. Well! these are some of the most hateful statements you can ever tell anyone, yeah! these are most hateful ones. And if these are considered to be the highest level of misbehaving or you better say bullying, then just think for a second that what you’ve been saying to others lies at which level.

You never know how this single statement of yours can break someone, such statements kill their confidence, their self-esteem, destroy their personality, suppress them. But yeah you didn’t mean any of this, of course it was just a  comment you were passing. Bullying has been just a common act since the life has begun in this planet, but the fact that it’s been practiced since this long doesn’t mean its something likely to carry on. We pass comments to our siblings saying how stupid of them when they’re trying to make some point, you’ve no sense of humor when actually they’re trying to make you laugh, we don’t consider this all as a part of bullying but the matter of fact is, it is bullying, you are hurting a person, making them feel useless and reducing their confidence.

Well its like a ritual that must be conducted at every other place and at every other corner of this world. Though we all get offended when someone tells us that we bully, we do it but we just don’t want a tag of “bullier”. We scold a person who bullies, we condemn the act but we don’t stop ourselves from doing this.

We should stop being the part of this bullying campaign that has been running since ages, you really feel offended? then stand against it, and by standing against I mean confront your own selves  first. You don’t want to be bullied? Good, Don’t bully others as they want the same. You feel bullying is inhumane? its offensive? Stop doing then! Be the person who is kind and polite, who spread peace, as Ghandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in this World”. Be this change.

-Cein Bee

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