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A Sparkle that Descends for You to Shine.

In our lives, in our family, we all know someone who wears armor and goes out to fight the battle of this World, he walks in storms, so that his little soldiers can breathe in a fresh breeze. Who is known as tough, rigid, emotionless, practical and less sensitive, Yeah! you got it right, it is FATHER I am talking about. The one who is so diverse in his tasks, who plays multiple roles, like; bred earner, money-maker, driver, security guard, supplier, etc. Who gives up all of his desires and strength to make what his children need. He keeps wearing masks; mask to look calm, when he is at his low, mask  to look happy when he is drowning inside, and mask to hide all the scars that reveal what he has gone through.

We all take him as fore-granted, our feelings and emotions bow more towards mother, who is also important, but what we don’t realize is that he is the base, foundation of family, foundation who bears all the shocks, and hits so that the walls can rise above him and to protect them from the crack. He keeps all of his family protected inside his shield. He deserves your love and care equally, he deserves your gratitude. He is the armor, you live in. He is the sparkle that descends for you to shine.

-Cein Bee

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