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Long Lasting Impression

You know, there are some people we come across in our lives whose positivity works to us like the sun works for sun flower or night works for stars. How clouds support rain and how spring helps flowers to bloom. You know, like, they leave a long lasting Impression of their purity and positivity on our lives that even in rainy days we can feel the sunshine and even in the darkest of moments we can see the light. Be around such people, because they are like color to your dull life.

And you will also come across people in your life who will delute your positive environment with such negativity that in a glimpse your smile will fade away into tears. These are the kind who are so engrossed into negativity, that their hearts become dark and they spread nothing but darkness to everything their shadow falls on. They can make you feel ungrateful about the happiest times and cry about the penny you lost. They can make it rain to your sunny day and transform your brightest day to the darkest one. They are the one to keep at 1000 miles distance. They are the ones for whom you should rise your walls around. They are the ones you need to avoid to keep them from leaving an ever lasting dark impression on your happy lives.

-Cein Bee

2 thoughts on “Long Lasting Impression

  1. I’m all about positivity. There is too much negative energy in the world; I don’t need to contribute to it. Lovely read. 😊


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