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Hope to be Reprieved.

While passing through a road, I was looking at street lights, wondering about all the chaos happening. Life’s been so tough in past few months, everything has turned upside down. I’ve seen all of it in just a few years of my life. I’ve passed through every rain and felt all the sunshines. I’ve walked bare foot in dazzling sun and rode Lamborghini. I slept in park’s bench and in 7 star hotel. It’s been the two extremes of a meter for me, I’ve never settled for anything mediocre.

And now, I feel, like, I am hanging in space, where, I don’t know, if I am going to reach any of the point. And I feel like, I am going to remain imprisoned in this chaos, but still, I have hopes to be Reprieved.

Cein Bee

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