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Me, The Radiating Star

Whenever I look at stars, I wonder, if they feel as hollow as I feel at times, up there, in space, in clusters, but still alone because of the distances between them. You know, how it feels, to be around so many people and still feel lonely. Life has been this much unfair to everyone of us at some point and time, left us feeling like those stars, burning, shining, in clusters but lonely.

Their radiance fascinates all but no body cares that they burn themselves to shine, their spark is actually the fire they’re entrapped in. Just like the stars, I feel lonely in my heart, trapped, like I have to shine no matter what, I shouldn’t let others know what’s happening in my heart, but, despite of all the terrible and hollow feelings I possess in my heart, I have to Radiate love, joy, and everything positive I can. I have to wear smile, I have to burn and Shine just like the stars.

-Cein Bee

4 thoughts on “Me, The Radiating Star

  1. Wondrously written. Giving the readers to relish upon your story of great deluge of your intricately laced feelings and thoughts poured into it. Loving the style of your writing. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am overwhelmed by your feedback Zeckrombryan! Thanks a lot for your kind words. Follow me as your support matters. Will make sure that my writings do please you. 🙂


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