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I had a Dream.

This morning when I woke up, I was in trance. I found my self stuck somewhere between the reality and the dream I had. A dream that felt so real that even when I woke up the feelings remained. I wasn’t able to shake off the beauty of it out of my head. I felt so light, happy and calm because the dream was replaying in my mind again and again leaving those feelings of joy refreshed everytime. So, I realized that dreams actually have a great influence on our moods and days. My dreams to me are like a fantasy world, where I can live as I want, where I can be anyone and everyone. Where I can still be alive after being shot even 100 times. It’s where, I am the only super hero.

There are some of the dreams which Detonate my soul and mood and I end up having a bad day. But you know what? They’re actually not the dreams, they’re nightmares and they’re meant to be horrible because dreams are beautiful. They’re My fantasy, they’re My universe, they’re Me, they’re what I desire and when I wake up from a dream that’s such beautiful, I mourn that I couldn’t stay there any longer but celebrate the beautiful experience I had.

-Cein Bee

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