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Fantasy yet to be discovered.

While staring out of the side window of car, looking carelessly at street lights and billboards, I felt someone staring at me. When I turned my face to look at the driver’s seat, I caught a beautiful Buff figure looking at me with a smirk. When I turned, He turned his face, puzzled, now looking straight at road knowing that I am still looking at him. And after a while we couldn’t control it anymore and burst into laughter.

Whenever I look at his childish buy beautifully naughty smile, my all worries get cloudy and with his one glance, he can pop the thought bubble of mine. To me he is a man so sober and a child too naughty. One who is so caring for me and at the same time careless about the world. He is the beauty, my heart possess because he is the one who keep beautifying my heart with unconditional love. He is the heartbeat to my lifeless heart. He is the only rose in my garden of thorns. My heart is waiting for such a person. He is my fantasy, yet to be discovered, I am clueless of his existence but he still lives in the world of heart, my heart.

-Cein Bee

3 thoughts on “Fantasy yet to be discovered.

  1. A couple years before I met my husband, after the end of a bad relationship, I used to go to the roof of my house. There was a deck, and the house was on a tall hill, so I could see the entire city off in the distance.

    When I was feeling lost, I would look out at the horizon and turn slowly in a circle, a full 360 degrees knowing that at some point in my spin, my eyes were facing the direction of the man I would someday love forever.

    I’d imagine I could see him, even if he didn’t yet know I existed. And I’d feel better.

    Beautiful post!

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