Daily Prompt · Poetry

So, I moved on!

Lying on bed, I was thinking about you,

I get tired by the feelings I still have about you,

It seems, like, it will happen really soon,

I’ll forget you and see light even in nights with no moon,

But, just like seasons, you’ve also changed,

You’ve mastered your words and you sound liar and strange,

I was looking for you, even when you were right with me,

Because, I’ve lost you, and that’s all what I can see,

I’m not your priority anymore, and I get it that I never was,

Even though, to stay, I was finding some valid cause,

I wasted my emotions, love and all of my time,

Considering you as worthy, was my only crime,

But, it was always you who deliberately lied,

You broke me, and for you even my soul cried,

But you know what? I deserve no tears but you do,

You’re the one who is worst of it’s kind, you should turn blue.

-Cein Bee

In response to daily prompt: Uniform

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