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Life is like a Roller Coaster.

“Life is like a roller coaster”, like literally, who ever said this, I would say actually understood it well.  Because you’ll go up one second and the other second you’ll find yourself going down. Some of you enjoy this ride, but the feelings vary. Some of you are frightened; some scream, some laugh, some turn pale and some get excited. I know, you all are well aware that life is not so easy; it’s been difficult and harsh with me and each and every one of you. It’s never like, we’re so happy once and for all. You’ll be going through hardest of times but you’re wearing that smile on your face, as a disguise, not letting those who’re around you into your heart, into your deepest and darkest secrets. You don’t let anyone see the tears flowing inside your eyes; you don’t let them hear your soul sobbing. You wear disguise, you stick that smile to your face. Despite of all the harsh comments you hear, all the bashing and thrashing, all the negativity coming to you & all the hurdles, you are here, in this world, bearing it, surviving & living. You know what? Whatever they say is them, not you. Whatever comes to you is a test, and to pass, you need to perform well. You can’t give up; you’ve to get up, stand and walk th uprough it, looking right into its eyes. Because it’s your test and you can score the highest by your own efforts, you can’t cheat because you don’t really win when you’ve cheated. We can’t Meddle in the fate, that the life has brought to us. Life is tough, it does turn us mad and exhausted sometimes. We switch between our own personalities every other second. But does that mean we have to be this way? Does that mean it’s all that we’ve got or what we’ll get?

You know what? You know the answer, and the answer is NO, it’s not like if something is not happening despite your wishes and prayers, you’re unlucky or life has cursed you. It’s not about how the life is, or what it has been doing to you. It’s about how you react to it. Do you enjoy or get excited while going up and down in this ride or you get scared, anxious or panic. It’s what you give to life when it takes you to a certain journey, it’s about you cursing it or being happy or thankful, because in the end it all falls on your shoulder, you have to control your emotions and reactions. You’ve to make yourself happy and excited in this life’s roller coaster. So, in every up and down, smile so widely that your jaws hurt, get excited and WOOOHOOOO!

-Cein Bee


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