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Fighting My Own Self

Whilst in her deep thoughts she felt someone popping her thought bubble, it wasn’t some other person but another thought trying to enter her mind. A thought, that’s no lie, a thought that’s as bitter as truth, as true as this universe, a thought of death. It wasn’t the first time she felt shiver in her spine while thinking about death, she got goosebumps while sinking into her thoughts, dozens and dozens of questions were hitting the wall of her terrified mind, it was actually scary. What if I die at this very moment? What if i have no tomorrow to make things right? What if i remain stuck in my misery for a whole eternity because i was too naive, i was neglectant? She shook her head, trying to get rid of them, she was devastated by the bombardment of questions on her by herself. When she couldn’t fight anymore with her mind, she just left herself with it, allowing it to take her to whatever it has, deepest and darkest, because she had realized it was time to face herself rather than escape everytime. And when peace seeped into her mind, and she felt a bit calm, a thought again knocked the door, but this time she was prepared, prepared to face it, and she opened the door and let it in, ” if i am going to die any sooner, what should i do, because i will, i know. Can i delay it to make things right?” It says while entering. She sighed! Then replied: ” why grieve upon my own death, when i know it has to come some day, why mourn upon the misery that may not come to me, why stress upon something while sand is slipping through hands, instead of terrifying, accept what’s true, and don’t grieve upon a time that’s yet to arrive, live the time you’ve as it’s a blessing, make your fantasies grow but don’t let them mislead you, make the things right, all of them, even if the damage has been done, try, repair the most of it. Bring peace to yourself for the time when nobody can save you but your own self will, live as it’s worth living, be on the right path and remain steadfast, that’s all you need, yes! That’s all you need.” She closed her eyes but this time with a smile, calm heart and light soul, she got her answer, she now knows what should be done and she was ready for it.
-Cein Bee

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